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PreRetirement Life Most Useful 50+ Site "PreRetirement Life, the premier online guide for adults ages 50-64, has named Ask The Dietician one of the Web's "Most Useful Sites" for information on Anti-Aging & Fitness & Vitality."
- PreRetirement Life's Most Useful Sites May 22, 2008
WEGO Health Community "WEGO Health Community's recognition that "Healthy Body Calculator" is one of the best resources for information on health on the web."
- Wego Recommended Resource January 31, 2008
PC Magazine Top 100 Sites "Licensed dietitian Joanne Larsen explains it all for you, answering reader-submitted health questions, debunking diet-related and other health myths, and offering general nutrition advice."
- PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without April 26, 2005 Award "Content of interest to healthcare professionals. Tone and presentation maintained at a professional level. Site structure, navigation and graphic design executed at a professional level."
- Medical Award November 2000
Top Rated Site on MedExplorer "Top Rated Health Nutrition Site"
- Med Explorer, Feb 2000
Best of Nutrition Online - Prevention Magazine "Send a question to Joanne Larsen RD and expect a clever, well-researched response Don't miss the Healthy Body Calculator® which helps you determine a smart weight and calorie intake."
- Best of Nutrition Online Prevention Magazine February 2000.
Top-10 nutrition-related internet sites for 1999 "One of the Top 10 nutrition - related internet sites for 1999 and the most comprehensive Question and Answer Nutrition site on the internet."
- December 1999
Web Feet Seal of Approval "The Web Feet Seal of Approval tells teachers, librarians, parents, and students that your site is especially valuable for research, teaching, or general interest."
- Web Feet Seal of Approval November 1999
MasterSite Site of the Day Site of the Day
- MasterSite November 26, 1999
Net Talk Live Hotsite Hotsite
- Net Talk Live The Internet Talk Show October 8, 1999 Best of The Web Award "Best of the Web in Health & Medicine"
- 4Anything October 1999
One of the Best Educational Resource on the Web "One of the Best Educational Resources on the Web in Health & Nutrition"
- StudyWeb September 1999
PlanetClick Must Click Site Must Click Site
- PlanetClick August 1999
Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Award Silver Platter Award
- Ask Jeeves June 1999
"The LibrarySpot editorial team scours the Web for the very best library and reference sites, and found your site to be a fantastic resource. Your health calculator is showcased among the very best reference-related resources on the Web."
- Library Spot May 1999
Suite 101 Recommended Site "Best of the Internet"
- Suite 101 June 1998
"Loads of information ranging from alcohol to zinc. Great for nutritional up-keep. With links to nutritional resources and the helpful Healthy Body Calculator®, you won't leave this site without obtaining the facts you need. Professionally done, this is worth spending some time."
- Selected Site Eye on the Web June 1998
"Joanne Larsen is a registered dietician who seems to have talked to every person on the planet about their food intake at one time or another. At least you'd think so to look at her archives of dietary questions and answers. Users email her their questions regarding cholesterol intake, body-fat ratios, weight loss plans, diabetic concerns, what-have-you, and Joanne answers them and then places the exchange in her archives for all to learn from. There are a few places on this site that don't qualify for Lynx-friendly status, such as her Healthy Body Calculator® which is littered with charts and graphs. However, they are personalized to the information you fill in, and it is the sort of information that would be very difficult to present non-graphically. This reviewer was disturbed to learn that a diet of coffee and cigarettes, coupled with sleeping 15 hours a day, is unhealthy. Damn!"
- Lynx Links Review, May 15, 1998

GII Awards Semi Finalist in Health "Ask the Dietitian® and Healthy Body Calculator® were named semi-finalist in the health category. Only 41 health sites achieved this level of judging." Read GII Awards Press Release
- Global Information Infrastructure Awards March 1998
NetGuide Top 10 Health Site
"At Ask the Dietitian, registered dietitian and nutrition counselor Joanne Larsen dishes out easy-to-understand advice on just about every aspect of healthy eating. Most of the site's menu includes diet- and nutrition-related topics, but Joanne dabbles in areas such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer as well. Check it out."
- NetGuide February 1998
Beatrice's Web Guide "Top Site in Health and Nutrition"
- Beatrice's Web Guide February 1998
Library Spot "...among the very best reference tools" featured in health calculators
- Library Spot February 1998
HealthyWay Best of the Web Award Best of the Web Award,
"one of the best online resources for health and wellness information"
- HealthyWay February 1998
Eating Disorders Featured Site At Health Eating Disorders Featured Site,
Friday's Progress Notes
- At Health January 30, 1998
Go To Top Ten Links "#1 Nutrition Site"
- Top Ten Links January 1998
Go To Editor's Choice - Go To Editor's Choice January 1998
SelectSurf "This recognition is given only to top sites meeting Select Surf's criteria for content, usefulness, presentation, ease of use, and originality. Each site is ranked according to the evaluation criteria on a 10-point scale with a rating of 5 being noteworthy and 10 being exceptional. Generally, sites selected for inclusion in the SelectSurf guide must attain an Overall Rating in the 90th percentile or higher."
- Select Surf December 1997
Discovery Channel School "Ask the Dietitian has been selected as a valuable Internet resource"
- Discovery Channel School's Body Science theme for Fall 1997.
CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite CyberTeddy's Awesome Universal WebSite 500
- May 1997
Washington Post "Joanne Larsen, a Minnesota registered dietitian, is your "personal" consultant. Report your height, weight, frame size and other facts; her body calculator reports your ideal weight and current proportion of body fat. She'll also let you know how many calories you need each day to lose half a pound or more per week."
- The Washington Post May 30, 1997
- Achoo Site of the Week May 27 1997
"...web site gives personalized, specific advice about what you need to do to reach a goal -- say, lose 1 pound a week."
- USA Weekend April 25 - 27 1997

Net Magazine "Registered dietitcian Joanne Larsen knows her four food groups and then some. In this simple but effective site, you can read questions and Larsen's intelligent and helpful answers about vegetarianism, alcohol, fiber intake, and dozens of other diet-related topics. You can even email your own food query to her. My favorite question so far: " I'm hearing a lot about junk food lately. No one has given a definition of what foods are junk. Can you give me a list of junk foods?" Larsen's response is detailed and revealing. And yes, gum *is* a food, and a junky one at that.
Content: Excellent
Aesthetic: Good
TechnoSmart: Good"
- Net Magazine Review
Food and Wine Online "You owe it to yourself to check out this informative site today!"
- Food and Wine Online Site of the Day April 8, 1997
Internet World Magazine "As your parents probably told you, eating right is one of the best ways to keep well. You can get dietary advice from Ask the Dietitian..."
- Internet World February 1997
EZConnect "Registered dietitian dishes out health and diet advice"
- EZ Connect February 1997
Starting Point - Starting Point Choice Site February 1997
Editor's Choice "Simple and friendly discussion by Joanne Larsen RD"
- Editor's Choice January 1997
HomePC Magazine "Dietitian Joanne Larsen offers thoughtful answers to question on everything from fad diets to food allergies."
- HomePC magazine 300 Best Web Sites December 96
Excite "Got questions on fats, fluids, or food fallacies? Joanne Larsen, a registered dietitian and nutrition counselor, can answer each and every one. Waiting inside these pages is a lengthy listing of dietary-based questions and answers, the Healthy Body Calculator®. Best of all, this dietitian is always in.."
- Excite must see site
Infoseek "'s chock full of helpful and interesting nutritional information."
- Infoseek Select Site
"it's the place to find easy access to reliable information on a wide range of health and nutrition topics."
- Cooking Light magazine September 1996

University Top Links "Great resource from a registered dietitian on a variety of food and diet topics."
- University Top Links August 1996
Memtal Health Net "This site has been awarded two stars"
- Mental Health Net August 1996.
Listed as one of the "more reliable sites that focus on food and nutrition"
- American Health magazine May 1996

NetGuide Magazine "Registered dietitian Joanne Larsen dishes out insightful health and diet advice."
- NetGuide Magazine December 1995
Point Communications "Joanne Larsen, a registered dietitian who works with Hopkins Technology on health and nutrition - related software, acts as a font of nutritional wisdom at this site. ... visitors will find info here on a good range of topics, from normal eating and food preparation to disorders like diabetes and hypoglycemia. ... it's fun to have a site that's accessible even to the clueless."
- Lycos Point Communications Survey October 1995
"Joanne Larsen, has made available a listing of informational topics related to your diet and foods. From allergies or anorexia to gluten or diet programs to teens and vitamins, there is sound advice here!. You can look over the three screens of topics, and if you don't find what you want to know, then you can still write and ask. I think this is a great start at just what information at your fingertips can do for you!"
- Genie Hot Spot August 1995

Yahoo - Yahoo Cool Spot August 1995

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